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“Gorgeous. Take any opportunity you can to see this film.” — Girls On Film


This wonderful lesbian drama tells the tale of an undocumented Mexican nanny, Margarita (Nicola Correia Damude, Havanna 57) whose girlfriend Jane (Christine Horne, Tru Love) is reluctant to commit and whose yuppie employers — a nice Toronto family, including a bi-curious Mom — are about to let her go.

Margarita is a charming film co-starring a gorgeous pair of actresses (with terrific on-screen chemistry) and is the latest feature from lesbian co-directors Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardona who brought us the fabulous 2007 drama Finn’s Girl. The terrific cast also includes Canadian television star Patrick McKenna, Claire Lautier (Elf, Law and Order) and Finn’s Girl star Maya Ritter.

“Heartwarming, thought provoking . . . sexy!” – Curve Magazine

“Cast is universally appealing, especially Nicola Correia Damude’s Margarita” -

“Charming… a sweet, lighthearted lesbian film.” —

“A crowd-pleasing gem.” — SoSoGay

DELUXE EDITION: This special Deluxe Edition comes with a Bonus Extra — the 13 minute short film, Below The Belt!

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